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​What We Look For In Our Instructors: 
When it comes to the swim instructors we look to bring on our team, we look mainly for 2 things, a friendly positive attitude, and experience. All InstaSwim Instructors have atleast 2 years of experience teaching all ages in private or public settings and are fully background checked and carefully screened. We want to make sure you have the best experience with InstaSwim, so we make sure that you are matched with the best fit for you. 

ABout our Swim Lessons

Private At Home Swim Lessons

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InstaSwim is a Mobile Swim Lesson Company. We offer high-quality Private At-Home Swim Lessons to clients all across the US. Our highly experienced and certified Swim Instructors are sent to service you in the comfort and convenience of your own home swimming pool or community pool. 

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At InstaSwim, Our private swim instructors will teach their students their own methods that they have the most experience and success with. Each level has its own individualized skills and techniques to learn. After your first swim lesson with us, our Instructors will have a clear understanding what level you or your child is, and from there will work on the skills needed to complete that level and move onto the next one.​ Our main objective for new beginning swimmers is to make sure they have the necessary skills to be able to swim to safety incase they were ever in trouble. Safety is our main priority. After the lifesaving skills are fully learned and completed, we will then move on to learning stroke development.
InstaSwim does not follow a strict swim program, you are able to sign up for as many lessons as you would like as well as customize them to your liking. We offer a pay per lesson option as well as a 12 lesson package deal. There is no committment when you begin lessons. You will be able to end your lessons whenever you feel like. All of our swim lesson services are designed for all ages including infants, toddlers, young children, teenagers, and adults.

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