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 We are more than just a company that teaches at-home private swim lessons, we are a passionate group of individuals who recognize a problem, and are here to give you a solution. Parents are simply just too busy and have less time during their day then they used to. We believe that every family deserves a high-quality, convenient service that will eliminate the stress out of your daily life and give you more time to focus on what matters most, your kids. Our philosophy is simple, spread love, and help others. We accomplish this by doing what we do best, making a difference for you and your family.
Our InstaSwim team of Swim Instructors are certified and are highly experienced with 2 or more years of experience working with children and adults and are also carefully screened through thorough background checks. We believe that convenience is important to you, that is why our team members travel to your home or community pool. No matter if it's our 1 on 1 lesson service, or a group session, our team will focus on each student individually with the same amount of enthusiasm and work ethic to produce the best results possible. It is our promise to you that when you choose an InstaSwim team member to teach your child or loved one swimming lessons, you will get nothing less then the best service there is. Our Instructors use patience, care, trust and hard work into every lesson no matter what obstacle.
So no more traffic, driving to an over-crowded indoor facility, No more watching your son or daughter waiting for their turn in group swim class. No more following a strict schedule. Our mission is to make a difference one swim class at a time. A difference is made by giving each student full attention, showing them compassion and building their confidence to learn new valuable skills that can one day save their life!

Brian's Story

About Us

​Brian is a 25 year old Entrepreneur who grew up living in a small town in New Jersey. Brian made the decision to become a Lifeguard back in 2010 working at a public pool near town. After a couple years he has fallen in love with the job that he decided to take it to the next level, Working with children. He applied at Frogbridge Day Camp and immediately got the job! At Frogbridge he has built up his reputation as a Lifeguard as well as a Swim Instructor, The children loved him! Things we're going great for Brian with his job, but little did he know what was to come would be the ultimate test for his capability and skill. On June 8th, 2015, Brian was guarding a Private Picnic for 2 companies. The pool was understaffed with way too many swimmers in the pool at once. Brian was called over by a patron yelling for help! as he came closer to the scene, he noticed a little boy face down at the bottom of the pool. Brian quickly responded to the scene by jumping in and grabbing the boy, pulling him to safety. The boy was laid down on the edge of the pool. No pulse, no breathing, no nothing, the boy was dead. despite never being in this horrific situation, Brian quickly went into action performing one rescue breath into the child, no pulse still.. Patrons were standing nearby praying and encouraging Brian to please save this young boy's life, Brian then performed another rescue breath into the child's mouth. After the second breath before Brian was going to begin chest compressions, the boy began to have a pulse. After 5 seconds of waiting, the boy finally woke up crying as he got up begging for his parents, the young boy was saved! He was sent to the hospital to check for any problems, the boy was fortunately un harmed, he was fully recovered! Brian become a Hero that day and will forever be known as the lifeguard who saved that young boy's life. After this unfortunate, horrific event, Brian decided to create InstaSwim. Brian's passion and goal is to help children and adults learn how to swim and to spread knowledge about pool safety to as many people as he possibly can. With the help of his experienced, passion driven team, they are determined to reach thousands of children and adults to prevent anything like the event that happened back in June from ever happening again.

InstaSwim is a Mobile Swim Lesson  Company. We offer high-quality At-Home private at home swim lessons in Millstone and other areas across the nation. private swim lessons are the best way to learn how to swim! We offer swimming lessons for kids, swimming lessons for toddlers, and adults all across the US. Our highly experienced and certified Swim Instructors are sent to service you in the comfort and convenience of your own home swimming pool or community pool. 

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